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Contact lens care and maintenance

Contact Lens Care

If you wear contact lenses, you know how important it is to properly care for them. As contact lenses are in intimate contact with the eyes, proper contact lens care from carefully cleaning to storing them is essential for healthy eyes and clear vision. Failure to properly contact lens care may result in the reduction of comfort and vision as it increases the risk of infections and complications.

This blog post covers the basics of contact lens care and maintenance, things you need to consider, products you need to take care of contact lenses, and more. Keep reading to learn about contact lens care and maintenance!

How to take correct care of contact lenses?

If you often use contact lenses, make sure to clean and disinfect the lens before using it. Appropriately choose the cleansing system as per your lens type.

Here are some basic tips for contact lens care

  • Consult your optometrist regarding how many hours you can wear and after how many days you need to replace the contact lenses.
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching lenses, otherwise, germs will transmit into the lens. Moisturizing soaps are not a good combination with contact lenses.
  • Clean contact lenses with the contact lens solution recommended by your optometrist as cosmetics and other particles deposit into the lens.
  • So, make sure to clean it with the cleaning solution to avoid eye discomfort. 
  • Rinse the lens thoroughly to remove any remaining particles. Store the contact lens away from dust particles. 
  • Keep the lens securely in a lens case present with a fresh solution. 
  • Never sleep with contact lenses in the eye.
  • Remove contact lenses before doing any water activity.
  • You can also take advice from your eye doctor if you have any eye allergies. 

What are the other things you need to consider?

In addition to basic contact lens care, you need to check other eye conditions. You must know how much protein gets deposited into your lens. Based on protein quantity your doctor will suggest the protein remover. 

When you wear lenses for a long duration without replacement, you need protein remover for better eye vision. Enzymatic cleaner and daily protein removal liquids are included in protein-removing products. 

To avoid eye dryness and irritation use contact lens eye drops. It lubricates the eyes. Wearing lenses for a long duration can cause eye sensitivity and allergy. You can start using a preservative-free contact lens cleaning system to cure eye discomfort. 

In case you need any help, you can visit PVRI, the best eye hospital in Hyderabad.

What Products Do You Need For Contact Lens Care?

Here are some lens care products that need to be in your eye basket- 

  • Saline solution – It is a rinsing agent that rinses and stores lenses. This solution is also poured into enzymatic cleaning tablets and cleaning devices. 
  • Daily cleaner – It is used for cleaning lenses. Pour a few drops in your hand and rub the lens with your hand for a few seconds. Rub both sides of the lens.
  • Multipurpose solution – It is used for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, and storing. The benefit of this solution is that you do not require any other solution for other methods. It works as a daily cleaner, then a  rinser and disinfector also. Make sure to rinse before wearing also.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – It is used for cleaning and disinfection only. You need to keep the lenses in a basket and rinse them. Afterward, put the basket in its cup and pour the solution into the cup. This can also sting your eyes, so you need to add a neutralizing tablet to avoid it. 
  • Cleaning/disinfecting devices – This device uses ultrasonic waves or subsonic agitation for cleaning and multipurpose solution or ultraviolet light for disinfection. First, rinse the lens with the solution and then keep it in the device. Pour the same solution used to rinse, into the device. Now close the lid and switch on the plug. 

What are the essentials of contact lens care?

Here are some essentials you need to consider regardless of which type of contact lens you are wearing-

  • Take precautions while using a solution bottle. Ensure the bottle tip doesn’t touch any surface to prevent contamination.
  • Don’t let contact lenses come in direct contact with the tap water. Tap water contains microorganisms like Acanthamoeba that can cause an eye infection.
  • Frequently clean your contact lens accessories.
  • Replace the contact lens case within a three-month interval (depending upon the type of your lenses).
  • Regularly without any breaks, clean and disinfect your contact lenses to keep eye infections far away. 


The bottom line is that you need to take proper care of your contact lenses if you want to maintain optimal eye health and enjoy a clear vision.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to take care of your contact lenses and prevent any eye infections and complications. Remember, your eyes are precious and these small efforts can help you in preserving your eyesight.

If you need any professional help visit PVRI – the best eye hospital in Hyderabad. PVRI has a team of optometrists and ophthalmologists to take and advise you regarding contact lenses.

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