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Everyday routine to take care of your eyes?  (Follow these tips every day for good eye health)

Everyday Eye Routine

The eyes have been termed as the jewel of the body, and that is nothing but the truth. They are your windows to the world, and hence, you must take care of them. Your lifestyle and eating habits can lead to wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, the strain on the eyes and redness. There are also some severe repercussions like loss of vision that can happen. We are not trying to scare you but just stating facts that you can avoid all this by taking care of your eyes. 

Following a few, everyday habits can reduce the chances of you having to face any of the above-mentioned eye problems and keep your windows crystal clear. 

10 ways to take care of your eyes

  1. Stay hydrated 

Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids is essential for your body’s overall wellbeing, even for the eyes. Staying hydrated prevents your eyes from getting dry and causing irritation. It is advised to have up to 8 glasses of water in a day. 

  1. Adopt a balanced diet

Ensure the diet you adopt is infused with all the different foods rich in nutrients like Vitamins A, C, E, Omega-3, Lycopene, and lutein. As the rest of your muscles require certain nutrients to remain strong, your eyes require proper nutrition to stay healthy as well.

  1. Avoid smoking 

We all know that smoking is injurious to health and is bad for your lungs. But, smoking makes you vulnerable to age-related macular degeneration and a few eye-related conditions like cataracts. Smoking can also damage your optic nerve, leading to harmful effects on your vision with time. 

  1. Maintain a good distance from your monitor while maintaining good room lighting 

Most of us are working from home, and we are in front of a screen all day long. Our work life and leisure time are spent in front of a screen, which can lead to a lot of stress on our eyes. 

Your monitor should be positioned about an arm’s length away from your eyes and 20 degrees below your eye level. 

Make sure that you have sufficient lighting to go with it. The light shouldn’t be too bright as that may also lead to some stress on your eyes. 

  1. Wash your hands frequently 

Washing your hands frequently will keep bacteria and foreign particles at bay and prevent them from getting in contact with your eyes and causing any harm to them.

  1. Avoid rubbing your eyes

We all have the habit of rubbing our eyes, but we fail to realise that our hands are exposed to a lot of dust, dirt, germs, and bacteria, and rubbing our eyes leads to foreign particles coming in contact with our eyes cause harm and discomfort. If rubbing your eyes has become a habit for you, try to avoid it as soon as possible to prevent infection and irritation. 

  1. Get sufficient sleep 

Our body needs to rest and recharge to function appropriately, and sleep is the only way for it to do so. Like any part of our body needs to recharge, so do our eyes. Getting sufficient is very important to have healthy eyes. 

  1. Apply the right kind of eye make up 

Certain brands of eye shadows, mascara, and eyeliners can react to your eyes. So, if you wear makeup, you should always choose the brand that works well for you. 

Never go to bed wearing makeup; always use a makeup remover so that you avoid bacterial build-up from residual makeup left in and around your eye. Keep your makeup equipment clean, primarily what you use for eye makeup application. 

  1. Keep your surroundings clean 

Contact with dust and dirt can irritate your eyes. It is advised to keep your surroundings clean so that any foreign particle does not get in contact with your eyes and cause distress.

  1. Protect your eyes from the sun 

The sun gives out harmful UV rays that increase the risk for age-related macular degeneration and can cause sunburn to your cornea or photokeratitis. Along with making you look good, sunglasses can also prevent your eyes from being damaged by these harmful UV rays. Even specific eyeglasses and contact lenses come with UV protection. Putting on caps and visors are also an option.


We see a surge in the number of people who require glasses due to their eyesight becoming weak. We might think that it is inevitable with age, but it is not. With specific lifestyle changes and habits to be acquired, we can take care of our eyes and avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses. 

Don’t worry, having 20/20 vision is not going to give you flashbacks of 2020.

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