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How to Prevent Cataracts: 5 Tips to Lower Your Risk

5 Tips to Prevent Cataract

Imagine a world where colors appear dull, objects lack sharpness, and everything gets blurry! Sounds scary, isn’t it? Well, this cloudy veil that dims the vision is known as a Cataract – an eye-related problem affecting more than millions of people in the world. 

But guess what? 

With just a few changes in lifestyle, you can easily maintain a clear vision and reduce the risk of cataracts. So get ready to implement these proactive measures, and enjoy an optimal vision for years to come.

Protect your eyes from the UV rays

As per a study, excessive exposure to UV rays can increase the chances of the development of Cataracts. This is because UV light induces oxidative damage, which disrupts the protein in the lens.

So, it is recommended to wear sunglasses whenever you go out to block 100% of the UVA and UVB rays and prevent the development of cataracts. Apart from that you can also use hats or caps to protect your eyes from the direct sunlight.

Protect your eyes from the UV rays

Of course, you cannot change your age or family history, but you can definitely change your diet. By having a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, you can easily prevent the risk of cataracts.

As per a study, nutrients are more effective than any nutritional supplement. Try including more leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and more – as this can help protect your eye from oxidative stress and promote overall eye health.

Avoid smoking and drinking

As per research, higher lifetime drinking is linked with an increased risk of cataracts (more than 90 drinks per year for men and more than 40 drinks per year for women)

So, the most important tip is to minimize drinking and smoking. The toxins in alcohol and cigarettes decrease your sight at double speed. Try to avoid all this to promote good eye health.

Protect Your Eyes From Injury

When you are doing any sort of high-risk activities like playing sports, repairing any home appliance, or more, try to wear protective glasses to avoid any sort of injury.

Moreover, you can also take necessary precautions for cataracts when you are doing things like standing close to fireworks, opening a cork, or doing anything that has the potential to cause eye injury.

Go For Regular Eye Checkup To Avoid Cataracts

The best way to prevent cataracts or any other eye-related problem is to visit your doctor regularly. Doctors can detect problems at an early stage, which can help in avoiding any serious consequences. You can visit PVRI – the best eye hospital in Hyderabad

Bottom Line

Preventing cataracts needs a proactive approach! By following these tips you can easily reduce the risk of developing cataracts and maintain optimal eye health.

Remember, your eyes are precious, take care of them, and enjoy a clear vision for a lifetime.

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