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Myths about cataract surgery: The reality | PVRI

Cataract Surgery Myths

Cataract surgery is a significant surgical treatment that restores vision that has been affected by cataracts. Cataracts are a common age-related problem in which the lens of the eye gets clouded, resulting in poor vision and making daily activities difficult. This procedure is not just for the elderly; anyone suffering from visual loss due to cataracts should consider it as a possible option.

Cataracts often affect people of any age due to causes such as heredity, trauma, or certain medical diseases, despite being commonly associated with ageing.

In this blog, we will be shining a light on the realities of cataract surgery, empowering people of all ages to make informed decisions about their eye health, and exploring the transformative advantages of this life-changing process.

Misconceptions about cataract surgery are frequently the result of outdated knowledge, which causes unneeded worries and hesitations. We hope to clear those myths and share the truth about the procedure by sharing accurate information on the safety, effectiveness, and accessibility of cataract surgery in this blog.

Myth 1:

Cataract Surgery is Scary and Painful

Truth: The biggest myth about cataract surgery is that it is safe and not painful. It’s one of the most common surgeries in the world. New methods make it easier, and most people feel little or no pain. You get better quickly, often seeing well the next day.

Myth 2:

Only Old People Need Cataract Surgery

Truth: Cataracts usually happen as you get older, but anyone can get them. It’s not just for old folks. If your vision is bad because of cataracts, you should talk to an eye doctor, no matter your age.

Interesting Fact: Cataracts are a top reason for blindness around the world, affecting people of all ages, says the World Health Organization.

Myth 3: 

Wait Until the Cataract is “Ripe”

Truth: You don’t have to wait for a cataract to get “ripe.” Modern surgery can fix it at any stage. When your vision is affected, making everyday tasks difficult, you should undergo surgery.

Myth 4:

Only for Severe Cases

Truth: You don’t have to wait for it to get really bad. If you have a cataract, getting surgery sooner can stop it from worsening.

Myth 5:

Thick Glasses After Surgery

Truth: Thick glasses are not necessary after cataract surgery. The surgically implanted new lenses enable good vision without the burden of bulky spectacles. After surgery, most patients no longer use them, making it much simpler to enjoy better vision without having to deal with bulky glasses. Thus, you may easily bid adieu to those heavy frames and welcome a cleaner view.

Myth 6:

Recovery Takes a Long Time

Truth: It’s pretty easy to resume your regular activities after cataract surgery. It doesn’t take too long to recover. Most people can return to their normal activities in a matter of days. Over a few weeks, your eyes continue to improve, and the procedure is simpler and quicker than you may imagine.

Myth 7:

Cataract Surgery is Expensive and Not Covered by Insurance

Truth: Cataract surgery is covered by many insurance plans because it is deemed to be essential for your health. Therefore, it’s not as expensive as some may believe. This implies that more individuals can receive the operation without worrying too much about the cost, enabling many to achieve a clear vision. This implies that more individuals will be able to receive the operation without having to worry too much about the cost, enabling many to have a clear vision.

Interesting Fact: By age 80, more than half of Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery, according to the National Eye Institute.


Cataract surgery is a good way to fix cloudy vision. Now that we’ve talked about the myths about cataract, you know they’re safe and not as scary as some people think. If you’re in Secunderabad, where good medical care is, find a good eye hospital in Secunderabad to get the right information. Knowing the truth about cataract surgery helps you make the right choices for your eyes and enjoy better vision.

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