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Vitreo Retina Service

Vitreo Retina Service

Vitreo Retinal Services offer comprehensive medical and surgical management of all Vitreo Retinal diseases with cutting edge technology and at an affordable cost.

Common diseases like diabetic retinopathy, vascular blocks, age-related macular degeneration, and retinal detachment are seen in specialized clinics of the retina. Close collaboration with key departments like endocrinology, nephrology, neonatology, and internal medicine helps the patient get appropriate, timely, and personalized retinal as well as medical management services, the same day.

The right mix of clinical services, clinical research, education, and community services are provided by the Vitreo Retina services. Daily OPD and procedure facilities reduce the waiting time of patients from long distances.


PVRI, a leader in Opthalmology. Our world-class physicians are committed to
providing the highest quality patient care.